Byline Times Seasonal Crowdfunder

Help us hire an additional journalist to join our small in-house team of journalists that will increase our investigations by 25%

This year we have already:

  • Broken the PPE scandal, exposing hundreds of millions of pounds in dodgy Tory deals, that actually led to legal action against our Government and the cronyism of their contracts.
  • Blown the lid off Brexit PayPal party funding, causing massive headaches for Farage to grift for his future party.
  • Revealed that herd immunity was ACTUAL government policy at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic – helping to incite a change of course. When the policy was mooted again this summer, we proved it was being promoted and funded by right wing climate change denying networks.
  • Given voice to the stories that mattered – with hundreds of articles about racism, Islamophobia, Russian interference and the genocide of Urghurs in China. Resulting in hundreds of millions of impressions across social media.

But we are up against a billionaire owned media that refuses to hold our populist Government and establishment to account. Our subscribers have been brilliant at helping us build Byline Times but we need your help to grow faster and make a real impact. There are many more investigations that we need to get started and so much more to reveal.

A new journalist will cost us at least £30,000, but the difference this could make is unmeasurable. If we were owned by a media corporation or a billionaire we could do this immediately, but we aren’t so we rely on you.

History has been shaped not by massive organisations, but by a small number of highly motivated individuals. We are carving out a space, and fighting for the truth.

Please support our appeal

The Byline Times Seasonal Crowdfunder
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