First – apologies if we seem to have gone quiet after the podcast was fully funded a month ago. Don’t worry. We didn’t run off to the Cayman Island’s with your hard earned cash. We’ve been very busy. Three things have happened since I last wrote.

1. Thanks to the fantastic comments and input from supporters, we went back a created a wholly new episode one, exploring the background of Daniel Morgan, and important events in the year before he was murdered. (Subscribers can listen to the rough edit in advance and pass on suggestions and comments.) 

2.  We’ve also got the support of a major podcast distribution company Acast who, with the help of sponsors Squarespace, will ensure the podcast is widely distributed when ready for general release in April or May. 

3. There has been more press coverage, and myself and the production team joined Alastair as he spoke in Parliament about the scandal of his brother’s murder and cover-up. The event was organised by the shadow home secretary Andy Burnham and Baroness Doreen Lawrence, Keir Starmer, Lord Falconer, John McDonnell and Tom Watson made an appearance. Alastair was backed the following day in an article by shadow culture minister Maria Eagle calling for the Leveson Two. 

We’d also like to than the GMB North West and Irish Regional Committee for sponsoring an episode. (Alastair and I can be seen at their Justice Conference last year in the picture above).

To my surprise, the crowdfunding software allows continued subscriptions past the deadline – so if you’d like to included in our crowd sourced production team, you can still sign up. 

Either way, thanks for the moral support.  I’ll have a new article in my regular column here soon detailing some new revelations about the murder and the cover up in the next week.