Europe Turns Violent Against Refugees

Dan Evans and Kit Oates reported on the  Idomeni refugee camp, which they describe as “Europe’s largest favela.”

In the last few hours they have reported to Byline: 

“Bodes pretty darkly at the moment. Feels like someone’s going to die there soon. Macedonian forces are vicious and from what I am hearing racist. Shocking scenes last 36 hours.”

Both Dan and Kit have been covering the crisis for the last few weeks.

Here’s a sample of Dan’s amazing reporting from the border

“In different times, Idomeni – surrounded by the snowy peaks of the Voras mountain range – would be a fertile, picturesque place.

But today, tiny children totter around the railway lines and rolling stock that until recently passed daily through the border; haphazard among the many open fires that leave the camp beneath a persistent pall of smoke.

Everywhere people are lining up in seemingly perpetual queues, waiting for the next sandwich, bottle of water or toilet roll.”

Then there’s Kit Oates’ Poignant Photography

Baya, 29, (above) is from the city of Daraa, cradle of the Syrian Spring now now shattered by five years’ civil war. He wants to be reunited with his wife in Europe.

Walaa, 24, was studying for a Civil Engineering degree in Aleppo until Aleppo University was bombed in 2013 with the deaths of 82 people. Now she lives in a tent on the Greek-Macedonian border.

Mohammed is 14 and from Aleppo, Syria. He wants to be a doctor.

Doaa, 22, from Aleppo was reading a three-year degree in English before the civil war.

Both urgently need support to continue to cover this tragic chapter in European history, perhaps one of the most important humanitarian crises since World War Two

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