Murdoch’s papers attacking Phone Hacking Victims to Divert from Detective Hacked to Death?

On Friday it became apparent that a Sunday Times journalist was contacting dozens of people trying to prove that Byline was a front for the phone hacking victims group, Hacked Off.  Byline journalist Nick Mutch broke, two weeks ago, the story of John Whittingdale and an alleged press cover up over his relationship with a dominatrix. Jim Cusick followed up with a forensic 3000 word analysis. 

But is there some other reason the Sunday Times would focus on Byline? 

I believe there is. As my extensive articles here and the forthcoming podcast on the Daniel Morgan Murder will suggest, News UK (formerly News International) has been complicit in subverting at least two of the five inquiries into the most investigated murder in British history.

Though Alastair Morgan first spoke to the Sunday Times within a year of his brother’s murder, the paper has remained completely silent over the issue for over 20 years,

In 2003 the current CEO of News UK, Rebekah Brooks, was specifically warned about the way her senior editors at News of the World had attempted to subvert the fourth murder inquiry. So let’s not pretend this is something News UK have never been aware of. 

To preempt any attempt to smear Byline in tomorrow’s papers, I’m releasing early (with the approval of those who have funded exclusive early access to the 10 part podcast) a section from Episode Three which shows how News of the World were involved in the Daniel Morgan Murder inquiry right back at the beginning, in 1987