Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder on General Release


The first of the ten part podcast Untold: the Daniel Morgan Murder story, began today.

Episode One; The Unluckiest Mugging in the World explores Daniel Morgan’s background, and the murky world of private detectives and police in South London in the 1980s after an £18,000 heist

It’s been an amazing and disturbing journey researching, interviewing and digging up new evidence about the police corruption and media collusion around Daniel’s murder. There is plenty of new shocking evidence to come out over the next ten weeks. 

But we’re going to need your help in spreading the word. The press and media won’t cover this story properly, especially since key figures worked with the murder suspects and are compromised.

However, you can help by spreading the word on social media. Perhaps you can subscribe to the iTunes version, and spread the word on Facebook or Twitter. Or listen on and share SoundCloud: Untold 1. Luckiest Mugging In The World. Then there’s the Stitcher version that can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter

Next week June 9th 


In the immediate aftermath of Daniel’s death, Alastair becomes the one true detective into his brother’s brutal axe killing. But who else can he trust? 


In the year that follows the first arrests are made, but despite TV appeals strange goings on in the press hinder the investigation

And then things really start getting very dark…. 

This story is probably the most shocking evidence of high level collusion and coverup I’ve ever encountered. But it’s really for the sake of Alastair Morgan, his partner Kirsteen, and the rest of the Morgan family I’m asking for your help. 

They’ve fought against corrupt cops and a colluding old media for three decades now.  Let’s show them  that new media can help finally reveal the truth.