On Wednesday the report into the Iraq War will finally be published and Tony Blair’s role will be finally dissected by a top former civil servant, Sir John Chilcot.

Tonight (Monday) at 8.0pm I will be appearing in a Channel 5 documentary called The Blair Rich Project which will look at how Tony and Cherie Blair have amassed so much wealth since he left office in 2007. You can link to it here.

The programme includes a number of stories which are covered in our book Blair Inc. The book came out in paperback last week and is co-authored by me,Francis Beckett and Nick Kochan.

The programme looks at the Blairs’ property empire, his deals abroad and both he and Cherie’s fascination with amassing wealth.

The book to remind you covers Blair’s former role as Middle East envoy, his failed bid to become European Union president, the Blair Faith Foundation, his deals with other countries where he has been an apologist for dictators and also includes a chapter on his close ally and friend Peter Mandelson, his lobbying empire and his relationship with Russian oligarchs. There is an attempt to prise open his far from transparent companies where he amasses his wealth.

As Blair faces questioning over his role in Iraq it is worth reminding people how far the Blairs have come since he left office nine years ago.