Following the demise of Exaro I am starting a number of new ventures. One of the first will be with Byline Insider which starts on October 6 with a debate on the reporting of child sex abuse.

I will be participating as the former head of Exaro at an invitation only debate organised by Byline Insider in London.

The line up will mean we will be able to frankly discuss the issue from the time of the Cleveland child sex abuse scandal up to the present day Jay inquiry and looking at Operation Midland and its repercussions as well as the Esther Baker investigation and Jimmy Savile.

Invited participants are the author and activist Beatrix Campbell; Meiron Jones, ex BBC investigator and now with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists; Mark Williams Thomas, an ex policeman turned investigative journalist; Tim Tate, a TV investigative journalist and Paul Connew, former Sunday Mirror editor.

The debate is only open to people who join Byline Insider. The event is entirely off the record and no tweeting or reporting is allowed. This means the issue can be discussed without fear or favour or any legal come back.

Since leaving Exaro I am starting to raise money for my own blog. Under a deal with you can become a member for £10 a month. There is a minimum of 12 payments over a year. This entitles you not only to attend this debate but other events -usually held every month- free. Upcoming events are expected to include discussion on the American elections for example.

If you wanted to become a lifetime member it is £40 a month – again 12 payments will give you a lifetime membership.

So if you had been a member earlier this month you could have come to the event on the Daniel Morgan murder – currently subject to an official inquiry by an independent panel. You could gave questioned his family and two investigative journalists, Laurie Flynn and Michael Gillard, who are experts on the case. These provide unique opportunities for readers to exchange views with people who are writing the stories in a safe environment and without any public comeback.

If you want to fund my investigative journalism you can sign up to this special Byline Insider offer by getting onto the Byline site, click on any of my latest articles including this one and click on the Support my Column on the right. Choose the £10 a month option and you are away.

Some 85 per cent will go directly to funding me. And as a payback you can attend this debate and I will give you the password to apply to get into the event for free.I should be able to contact you directly once you become a supporter with the password. Y our help and support will be much appreciated.