Day 1

The long awaited trial  of Craig Whyte, former chairman of Rangers Football Club, began on Thursday at Glasgow High Court as a jury of eight men and seven women were sworn in just after 1pm.

The 15 jurors were then asked if they had any reason, such as previously being a Rangers season ticket holder or the owner of a debenture seat that meant they could not judge the case fairly. None said they did and the trial commenced

The origins of the case go back to In 2011 when Whyte, 46, bought a controlling interest at Ibrox from then owner David Murray for £1.

He subsequently put the company into administration in February 2012, then, after no agreement could be reached with creditors, liquidation that July. Whyte now faces one charge of fraud and one offence under the companies act in relation to the takeover. 

You can read the full indictment Here 

After the jury of was sworn in the presiding judge, Lady Stacey (pic below) told them to “put out of their minds anything they had previously read about the case, either in a newspaper or on social media and try the case solely on the evidence they hear in court. She also warned the media that while she would allow live-reporting of the case they too should avoid reporting anything other that the evidence heard by the jury.

After the judge’s remarks the Crown opened their case by reading various agreed facts between the two sides. These included company registration numbers and various addresses that will later come into evidence.  When this ended the court adjourned with the first witness expected to appear tomorrow morning.

Mr Whyte has entered a plea of Not Guilty on both charges, the trial continues