However, for those of you who read past the cat:

The total cost to date for Brexit, without interest or numerous other factors taken into account, is somewhere around the £6 trillion mark, which accounts for the loss to households, the stock markets, and the upper end quote of the cost commitments made to the EU before the vote. In the crudest possible terms, Brexit so far is costing us around ten times as much per day as the bus’s stated expenditure on EU membership (which has only ever been less than half of that in reality, due to rebates and the like).

Brexit hasn’t only cost us money. It’s cost us our reputation in the world and provoked the daily growth of genuinely insufferable attitudes and ways of being. We are no longer a great anything.

The point of the original article was to illustrate the pliability of Brexit and…do you know what, it doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. The damage is done. I’ve spent way too much time being trolled due to the Alternative War book to even bother with it anymore.