Following the acceleration of events leading to Charlottesville I’m going to go after the Nazis. It’s a no brainer. But I can’t do it without you.

This new investigation is going to be called #WhiteWash for now. I’ll be focusing on the rise of the right, leaders, and highly placed supporters. I’ll be focusing on how we’ve come to this god awful point in time where they no longer even need to wear hoods and carry the swastika freely.

I touched on some of this in #AlternativeWar so already have leads to follow across the EU and US. This is going to be rough though. I’ll be dropping everything else to work on this. Everything. Charlotesville makes it imperative now. We can’t leave it alone.

Initially, an investigation like this costs between £3-5k and I need your help either one off or monthly to get there. As of launching last night, we’ve got together around £1500 so there is a way to go. You can pledge one off or monthly support direct here (scroll down to support) or directly via PayPal (link in this tweet:

An investigation like this will run over two-three months and result in a series of long-read articles published here. My immediate intention after that will be launch a book project much like #AlternativeWar which normally needs to raise a further £6k.

Sometimes there are things which are just to important to let slide or wait for. This is one of those times. 

I hope you can help. Thank you, for listening and for your continued support. The only way we change this is together.