Hello Asda, O2, BT, Sainsbury’s, Virgin and Vauxhall,

You have many Muslim customers and employees and yet you pay for advertisements in the Sun, which encourages people to hate them. Please stop, for the sake of our diverse society and our democracy.

You should have stopped a long time ago because the Sun has had these views for years. That you did not stop this week, after you read what Trevor Kavanagh wrote about the so-called ‘Muslim Problem’, is shocking. His article echoed Nazi propaganda against Jews so closely it can not have been accidental.

Please reconsider your position, if only for your own sake, because by continuing to advertise with the Sun you define yourselves as supporters of these hateful opinions.

There is no ‘free speech’ defence here. You cannot claim your money is sustaining democratic exchanges of views because these views are not democratic. Nor can you claim you are not engaged in politics, because you are funding hate speech.

You can’t fudge this. Either you support and profit from messages of religious and racial hatred or you don’t. Please choose tolerance.