LoveBomb Part 5 – A Special Investigation

Imagine a war fought in cyberspace. A digital conflict designed to replicate a computer virus, which attacks the mind.

Malware for humans.

This is not fiction. Not a future dystopia. This is reality. Our reality of today…

This is part five of LoveBomb, a special investigation* into weaponised data and disinformation, social media, and counter offensives. It is recommended you read the previous instalments before this one.

*The format is, in of itself, experimental and includes multiple formats which will be refined over the course of the investigation.


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Part 5:

So, what we’ve learned is that Network Centrality is a way of leapfrogging from one person to another.

This led me to the idea of a weapons test, if you will.

And there is hope. Because if they can do it, so can we.

Network Centrality Of The Right:

There are a number of free tools on the internet allowing you look at a network of people and how they overlap.

This means there is a way to start to identify and harness the power of Russia and the far-right’s own network centrality against itself.

By analysing just three key figures, we can discover just how powerful network centrality and psychographics could be, as a force for good.

Applying Network Centrality, Colour Psychology, and Psychographics:

Using everything we have learned, it is possible to design not disinformation, but information messages and weaponise them. Firing them back at the audiences Russia and the far-right have targeted and relied upon the pliability of.

To do this, further analysis helps design the right message, in the right format, and allows you to narrow the focus of the targeting. Like a guided missile.

The next step is going to be sending the message – deploying what we have discovered about centrality, Hamilton Scoring, trolls, and hashtags, to help make sure it is delivered into the human networks corrupted by Russia and the far-right with their own psychological tweaking.

The question is: is there a way we can take this beyond Organic Reach alone?

The answer is absolutely staggering.

Next In Series:

The series examines Paid Reach with astonishing results, exposing the true value of far-right and Russian investment in targeted psychographic advertising.

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