Some time ago it became clear the so-called Tory-UKIP alliance hinged around Jacob Rees-Mogg and from an early stage was deploying familiar tactics.

With one foot inside the new campaign to put the MP into Downing Street, those early suspicions have been confirmed.

Several weeks ago, Moggmentum had started to gather subscribers for Reignite, what they call a grass roots project, and began to send out emails asking them to petition the Prime Minister to listen to their voice.

The email was written in the same emotive language as much of UKIP’s old Leave.EU material.

Helpfully, they’ve now launched their website too, leaving their Whois data public.

Thanks to this we know the website belongs to Conservative Values Limited and is being run by Sam Frost.

Frost and Conservative Values are the same people behind the earlier iterations of Moggmentum and we know this because it was helpfully listed on the bottom of the posters they sent out before launching the new online campiagn.

Sam Frost is really helpful.

His work record – as published by the Electoral Commission – links him (and subsequently Mogg) not only to Vote Leave, but UKIP and US campaigns too, with  a particular focus on Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media in relation to Brexit, UKIP, Leave.EU and US elections has taken on a somewhat different meaning these days, thanks to the ongoing Russia revalations and Alternative War.

It appears the Tory-UKIP alliance may also be another nail in the coffin to claims Vote Leave and Leave.EU had no ties at all. As such, this article joins the list of referrals to the ICO and Electoral Commission under their Brexit investigations.