For several months, Marwood (known on Twitter as @Partpeculiar), has been collecting what they call “a sizeable number of messages & posts from Brexiters.”

The tweet cited above in the header image, addressed to Britain First front-woman Jayda Fransen who was controversially retweeted by Donald Trump last week, was still viewable at the time of writing this article and has been saved to the internet archive for Byline.

Publishing the collection for all to see, this weekend Marwood started to distribute the document via Twitter’s social network, saying: “Their vile, ignorant views is [sic] something MPs seem reluctant to discuss, so please send this, via email or post to your MP.”

“Whether they care or not, and whether it has any bearing on their actions during Parliamentary votes or debates is up for question. Perhaps it will prick the conscience of just a few, and embolden some to stand up against Brexit. All we can do is do what we can,” Marwood wrote.

At 58 pages long, the document provides a deeply disturbing insight into the side of Brexit which has been folded into the debate around the so-called “will of the people.”

Marwood says the collection of ‘Brexit Voices’ is: “just a fraction of the comments and messages [sent by] this loud, albeit minority section of Brexit supporters. For every one, there are dozens more each day. Some were captured before their accounts or tweets were deleted.”

“There’ll be Brexiters who’ll see this and cheer. Know that behind their crowing and gloating, is the cold hard truth that they will never get what they want in life. The EU and Remainers are merely the latest target of their own misery,” Marwood added on Twitter.

The full document is below.

Please be advised it contains adult and offensive content which some may find disturbing.

N.B. The content of the document and tweets cited therein have not been individually verified due to the volume of content. Hate speech of this nature however is intolerable in decent, civic society and raising awareness of, and debate round, the issues flagged by Marwood is squarely in the public interest. This article has been forwarded to Twitter.