On Saturday July 20, as a new Prime Minister prepares to take office, grassroots organisations will gather in central London for one of the biggest pro-European rallies that the UK has seen.

The initiative, called March for Change, will be a march with a difference. The previous three big pro-European marches have made the case for a People’s Vote. 

The March for Change will put the proud and confident case for remaining in the EU. This will mark the start of a national fightback against a government seemingly determined to deliver a No Deal or hard Brexit by October. 

Today’s launch coincides with the first vote of the Conservative leadership hustings.

Campaigner and writer Caroline Criado Perez said:

“Ever since the 2016 referendum, the real issues that face this country have been completely neglected. Our NHS crisis has worsened, schools are having to beg for stationery and we still don’t have nearly enough affordable housing. We don’t have time to indulge any more politicking. Westminster has spent three years arguing about what Brexit looks like. It’s time they focused on fixing Britain.

“And while the truth may have become unspeakable recently, the fact remains that we are stronger in Europe. We live in a globalised world and on everything from the climate emergency to transnational corporate tax dodging we have a better chance of addressing the issues we face if we stand together.”

The March for Change is being crowdfunded and donations can be made here.

Tom Brufatto, Chair of Britain for Europe, said:

“Don’t let them tell you that Brexit is the will of the people. Every recent poll has shown a clear majority want to put Brexit behind us and reunite with Europe. Grassroots groups from Perth to Penzance, Snowdonia to Southend will be marching on 20 July to send a clear message that it is time to end the brexit chaos. We will not sit back and watch the country dragged out of Europe against the country’s will. We need to reunite the people and reunite with Europe.”

The march will be accompanied by a concerted ground and social media campaign, with a series of events across the UK over the summer and autumn.