The day I shook the hand of Fidel Castro

The death of Fifel Castro today has reminded me of my visit to Cuba in 1978 to attend the World Youth Festival and how it became not only a showcase for Cuba but allowed the rising student elite of Britain to hone their skills for future roles.

Henriques: Help or Hindrance

Sir Richard Henriques report into the failure of high profile police inquiries into public figures accused of historic child sexual abuse proposes a radical rebalance in future investigations – aimed at protecting suspects as much as those who accuse them. They go too far.

The arrogance of judge Dame Lowell Goddard

Yvette Cooper , the new chair of the Commons Home affairs Committee, is quite right to rebuke judge Dame Lowell Goddard for refusing to appear before Parliament ot explain her resignation as chair of the independent child sexual abuse inquiry. It is both a disgrace and arrogant

The Brexit court case: Much ado about nothing

The slanted right wing media coverage of the court decision has a fueled a popularism not supported by the facts. The very people who voted to leave should be pleased. It is reasserting our sovereignty.

Dear America; a plea

Change can either be incremental or violent. If we reject the former, we had better be prepared for the latter.

The not quite complete Exaro archive

Exaro’s website has been taken down and removed from the net. But a large part of the articles written by staff have been saved and can be viewed through this link. But the link is not as comprehensive as it should be as some articles have mysteriously disappeared.

The Keith Vaz Westminster fan club: Why do they protect this man

Conservative MPs including a large swathe of Cabinet ministers decided last night that Keith Vaz, the former Labour chairman of the home affairs committee, should be appointed to the justice committee. This is while a recent scandal involving male prostitutes has still to be sorted. Why?