important update on John Sweeney’s DocumentaryAfter filming in Italy over the summer, John and the Byline TV team have decided to enlarge the project into one complete film now called… Kompromat. As John explains…

Byline TV

Kompromat – to capture compromising material and blackmail a target – is an old KGB term. Russia’s soldiers of the night have been trained to understand, to sniff out human weakness and use it as a weapon to get at their enemies: us and especially our leaders. Kompromat often uses sex but, a former British intelligence officer told me, it can be very much more sophisticated, using flattery, pride, love, sense of loss. Right now, we are in a kompromat war with Russia. The only problem is we don’t know we are at war. And how are we are doing in this war we don’t know we are fighting? Not well, not well at all.

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In 2016 we inherited a site from the founders of Byline.com which – by this point – was the only major surviving crowdfunded news site left. The market leaders, Contributoria and Beacon Reader, were closing with massive losses.


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