Welcome to the online index for J.J. Patrick’s work at Byline Media and Alternative War, a book by J.J. Patrick, published by Cynefin Road in conjunction with Byline Media, in the public interest in 2017. This is an organic index and is constantly evolving.*



1. The Swedish For Damage – 13th April 2017

In Early 2017 President Trump made claims of terror in Sweden. This investigation found the truth.

2. The Crowning Moment Of The Human Race – 14th April 2017

Investigating the truth about criminality in Sweden, I met with Nils Karlsson, Deputy Mayor of Malmö

3. Crime, Implicit Bias, And The New Underclass – 17th April 2017

An intricate interview with respected Swedish criminologist Manne Gerell on crime and immigration.

4. Integrating Civility And Radicalisation – 19th April 2017

Investigating the truth about crime and immigration in Sweden revealed a balance in society.

5. Fear and Loathing In Rosengård – 24th April 2017

Investigating crime and immigration in Sweden, I headed to Rosengård to find out for myself.

6. Leave.EU Faces Inquiry Over Cambridge Analytica – 26th April 2017

Documents reveal the details of the Electoral Commission investigation into Leave.EU

7. Life Carries On, We Are Sweden – 27th April 2017

During the course of my investigations in Sweden, I spent time talking to people across Malmö.

8. Data Laundering: The New Chemical Warfare – 28th April 2017

Data is now the single most valuable commodity in the world and it is being used as a weapon.


9. The Snowman’s Shadow – 2nd May 2017

Right-wing parties are working together globally and this international network is linked to Russia.

10. The Big Data Wash – 3rd May 2017

Behind a labyrinthine network of data companies sits the connection between Trump, UKIP, and Russia.

11. Cambridge Analytica Responds To This Investigation – 4th May 2017

Cambridge Analytica has responded to this investigation with a request for clarifications.

12. The Other Snowman – 5th May 2017

Marine Le Pen’s financial links and open investigations reveal the scale of Russia’s EU operations.

13. The Changing Face of Terror – 5th May 2017

Has someone else taken an active role in terror attacks in the democracies being targeted?

14. Lesotho: Leave.EU’s Diamond In The Rough – 9th May 2017

Within Leave.EU’s business network sits a plain looking diamond. Lesotho faces elections in June.

15. Trump, Russia, Brexit? No Comment11th May 2017

Asked about the most important issues facing Britain since World War II, PM May has nothing to say.

16. Alfa Males: Russia Ties Deepen12th May 2017

The complex web of Trump and Brexit ties to Russia deepen.

17. Trump And Putin: The World To Ransom15th May 2017

Putin and Trump have spear-phished democracy but their Ransomware can’t be fixed by a software patch.

18. Truth And Spies – 17th May 2017

Trump’s seedy relationship with Russia takes a darker turn, leaking classified intelligence to spies

19. North Korea Cyber Attack Claims Unproven18th May 2017

Computer specialists tracking Russian state hackers say North Korea link not unique and unproven.

20. Western Countries Hold Summit On Russian Subversion18th May 2017

The West comes together in Prague to address the very real Russian threat to democracy

21. From Hybrid Threat To Alternative War18th May 2017

The investigation concludes with the shocking finding World War Three has already started.

22. Evidence Of Russian Hybrid Threat Sent To NATO, UK and EU Parliaments and FBI19th May 2017


23. Russian Hybrid Threat Full Statement Released19th May 2017

Full statement on Russian Hybrid Threat sent to authorities released in public interest.

24. US Intelligence Confirms Russian Government Hacking22nd May 2017

A broadly overlooked intelligence report by US Intelligence Agencies confirms Russian subversion.

25. Russia: Declassified And Dangerous23rd May 2017

Declassified Report By US Intelligence Agencies concludes Putin ordered hybrid offensive on the West

26. Leaking Submarines: Trump Risks Nuclear Boats25th May 2017

Trump leaked the deployments of two US nuclear submarines risking maritime operations and personnel.

27. EU – Commission Debates Future Of European Defence25th May 2017

European Commission holds a debate on the future of European defence and faces up to hybrid threats.

28. Russia: Chess On The World’s Board31st May 2017

To know Russia, you have to think like a criminal. If I were Putin, my game would be this


29. Alternative War: Beyond The Front Line5th June 2017

Interview with Ukrainian writer Steve Komarnyckyj: Independent journalism is the front line.

30. No Russia Connections5th June 2017

As Nigel Farage declares he has no Russian connections in response to the FBI, the CIA helps clarify

31. Election Special: Gaming The System7th June 2017

In a General Election 2017 special, an extract from the forthcoming Alternative War book goes dark.

32. EU To Establish European Public Prosecutor’s Office8th June 2017

Commission welcomes decision of 20 Member States to establish European Public Prosecutor’s Office.

33. “No Doubt” Russian Interfered In US Election9th June 2017

Former FBI Director, James Comey, Confirms The Russian Government Were Behind Election Interference.

34. The DUP And Brexit’s Bad Boys: Even More Questions12th June 2017

As a dark cloud gathers over May’s partnership with the DUP, Leave.EU raises even more questions.

35. EU Reports UKIP Election Fraud – A Reminder12th June 2017

Within the #Snowman investigation is a vast amount of material, here’s a reminder on UKIP’s fraud.

36. EU On Migration: Commission Calls On All Parties To Sustain Progress13th June 2017

Commission reports on measures under the European Agenda on Migration to better manage EU borders.

37. Russia Deliberately Chose Confrontation With EU and US13th June 2017

Russia deliberately targeted Europe and US, discrediting NATO and cutting the transatlantic link.

38. The Underground Propaganda Machine14th June 2017

Cyber experts expose the worldwide underground market helping spread fake news, for whoever has cash

39. EU Announces €143 Million Crisis Support For North East Nigeria15th June 2017

European Commission announces €143 million support for Borno State’s worsening humanitarian crisis.

40. North Korea Cyber Attack Claims Remain In Doubt16th June 2017

BBC broadcasts report claiming North Korea responsible for world cyber attack, evidence dubious.

41. EU Tackles Money Laundering, Tax Avoidance And Terrorism Financing27th June 2017

Strengthened EU rules to tackle money laundering, tax avoidance and terrorism financing enter into force

42. Russian Cyber Attack Targets Ukraine And Spreads Worldwide28th June 2017

Latest Russian cyber attack originated from a targeted Ukraine operation and spread across the world

43. Inside Russian Cyber Espionage29th June 2017

Security experts expose the depth of Russian intelligence operations and how they hacked democracy.

44. EU accelerates measures to prevent radicalisation and the cyber threat29th June 2017

Commission presents the 8th report on Security Union, calling for an acceleration on security of EU.


45. FNN: The Fake News Network of Gab.ai7th July 2017

An antisocial media network exists, in which nuclear holocaust is desirable and news deplorable…

46. Rees-Mogg: A Familiar Story18th July 2017

Jacob Rees-Mogg is emerging as the new face of Russian political interference in the UK.

47. The Power of Information – An Apology20th July 2017

After months of speculation and investigation, what is the power of data? Well, it’s limitless.

48. EU: €46 million to support migration management in Libya28th July 2017

EU Fund for Africa adopts €46 million programme to integrate border management in Libya


49. Trump, Russia, and Brexit Exposed In New Book3rd August 2017


50. Extract From Alternative War10th August 2017


51. Alternative War – 18th August 2017

The most comprehensive book to date on Russia’s war on the West.


52. The Army Of Elves Countering Russia’s Alternative War25th September 2017

We are not alone: a Lithuanian resistance is fighting back against Russia’s hybrid offensive.

53. After Germany: One month on from Alternative War 25th September 2017

As Germany stands shocked over the AfD entering the Bundestag, Russia confirms its predictability.

54. Russian Linked Leave.EU Figures Targeting Elections Worldwide26th September 2017

An Election PR Firm, Leave.EU, and Russia: disruptive forces aim their weapons at global influence

55. Russia Mobilises Forces Around Suspicious Ammo Depot Explosions27th September 2017

Ukraine believes one of world’s largest stockpiles of defensive missiles was blown up by saboteurs

56. Deny and Leak: Stone and Leave.EU Downplay Russia Ties27th September 2017

Roger Stone and Leave.EU are the latest to follow the pattern of Russia denial as inquiry heats up.

57. Security Union: EU steps up efforts to tackle illegal content online29th September 2017

European Commission presents guidelines tackling the incitement of hatred and online extremism


58. EU Under Fire: The Catalan Bear Trap2nd October 2017

Beyond the politics and clashes Catalonia has proven the perfect scab to pick leaving the EU trapped

59. Expect Cyber Attacks And Misdirection: Russia Enhances North Korean Internet Access3rd October 2017

Russia has brought online a new North Korean internet connection to hide its own cyber attacks

60. US Senate Russia Probe Confirms Alternative War5th October 2017

Senators leading the United States probe into Russia’s attack on democracy confirm Russian offensive

61. DisinfoSec: The Briefing on Disinformation and Developments10th October 2017

The critical briefing you need on disinformation and global developments.

62. Special Investigation: Human Malware and Digital Resistance 8th October – 11th November 2017


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

63. GCHQ: The State-Sanctioned Big Data Giveaway18th October 2017

Security Services in court defending illegal sharing of huge datasets with unsafe third parties.

64. Qatar: Cambridge Analytica And Trump Working In Russia’s Interests19th October 2017

Documents show controversial data firm supporting Russian interests alongside Trump in Qatar row.

65. Crime and Lies: How Trump and the Right-wing Media Are Deceiving The Public21st October 2017

Trump and the right wing press are lying and I know why: the rise in UK crime is my fault.

66. Julian Assange: The Key To Russia’s Disinformation Machine23rd October 2017

Thanks to Social Media analysis developments, Assange confirms the deniable arm of Russian disinfo.

67. Don’t Use A Pencil: The Key to Brexit’s Bots25th October 2017

An innocuous sounding conspiracy among leave voters turns out to be the key to the big Leave.EU lie.

68. Playing With Uranium: The Key To Trump’s Bots and Propaganda26th October 2017

Fake News about Clinton, Obama, and Uranium turns out to be the key to Trump’s state-led propaganda

69. Twitter and RT: Another Reason To Question More26th October 2017

With Twitter set to give evidence over its part in Russia’s hybrid war, it transpires they pitched for business from Kremlin-managed RT and are making money from hosting vast numbers of trolls.

70. https://www.byline.com/column/67/article/191530th October 2017

The use of bots remains broadly misunderstood but the data points to undeniable tandem pushes of disinformation on both sides of the Atlantic. Both the MAGA and Brexit bots are operating as one in a new kind of laundry, where social engineering and not money is being cleaned in plain sight.

71. The Manafort Indictment30th October 2017

Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort and his junior partner Rick Gates have been indicted. These are the first charges in the ongoing Mueller inquiry into Russian collusion.


72. Arron Banks Facing Brexit Funding Investigation1st November 2017

Arron Banks faces full Electoral Commission investigation over the sources of millions in donations to Brexit campaign groups including Leave.EU

73. Before Paradise: The Tangled Web of Brexit, Trump, and Russia5th November 2017

Almost six months ago the tangled web of Russian ties to the White House, the Leave.EU campaign, and the key figures was already being unravelled. With renewed focus on hidden finances through the Paradise Papers, it’s worth reminding the world of one harsh lesson: leaks are not the only answer.

74. We Need To Talk About Nigel…6th November 2017

Flamboyant politician, media spokesperson, bad boy of Brexit. Kremlin asset. People are waiting for suitcases full of cash but the truth is what the truth is: something which has been staring us in the face for years.

75. We need to talk about Russian money…7th November 2017

One denial from Russian television network RT leaves us with even more questions over Russia’s state influence on UK politics and a trail of Kremlin money. So far, eight public officials are known to have received £9,000 in Russian state funds and Farage is earning a mystery £60,000.

76. We need to talk about social media…10th November 2017

Starting with one single Olgino Troll account, identified by Twitter in the US Senate Russia Inquiry, a detailed analysis and dip samples confirm the Brexit social network is also infested with managed and automated accounts.

77. We need to talk about Patriots… – 11th November 2017

Following the threads of investigation which led from using pens in the brexit referendum to the St Petersburg troll farm of Russia’s Internet Research Agency, the picture of disinformation being used in social media – affecting both the UK and US – exposes the abuse of patriotism as a weapon.

78. We need to talk about identifying trolls…. – 12th November 2017

There is no silver bullet for the identification of troll accounts on social media. In fact, the process of identifying them and making a decision about what they are is a hugely complex matter. This is a problem, because we aren’t just dealing with automated bots, as this case study explains…

79. Brexit: The Russian Job – 15th November 2017

What is the true extent of Russia’s interference in Brexit through social media and did it have any impact? Byline has been at the forefront of the Brexit/Russia investigation and, as the world catches up, we can exclusively reveal Brexit as you’ve never seen it before.

80. Hybrid Threats, Russia, And An Attack On The West – 22nd November 2017

I didn’t know any of this in 2016. Like everyone else, I thought the world had simply fallen victim to a deceitful bus and some idiotic, gun-toting rednecks. I was wrong, I’m not ashamed to admit. We all were.

81. Cambridge Analytica: Same Big Data, New Russia Ties – 30th November 2017

Controversial big data firm Cambridge Analytica, who target populations worldwide for political and military organisations, face requests for more information and communications as part of US Senate Inquiries into Russian support of Trump’s campaign. New names identified provide yet more Russia ties


82. Brexit Mess: The Just “Dessert” Of A Flawed System – 10th December 2017

An end of year review of the Leave affiliated group figures published by the Electoral Commission gives rise to a new understanding of co-operation between Anti-EU campaigns and exposes a critical flaw in the Working Together rules which applied during the Brexit Referendum – a sticky Brexit pudding

January 2018:

83. Reality Check: Russia Is At War With The UK – 3rd January 2018

After a year screaming into the wind, the end of 2017 saw the true state of Russia’s threat to the United Kingdom acknowledged for the first time by the security services. And nobody batted an eyelid. Entering the new year, the world has passed the tipping point and the dead kitten bounce awaits.

84. Assange: Fake News Embodied – 4th January 2018

Suspected rapist Julian Assange, a deliberately deceitful, disingenuous individual on the run under diplomatic protection in Ecuador’s London embassy, breaks from Russian hacking operations and Kremlin-led disinformation campaigning to attack journalists while defending Russia’s White House asset.

85. The_network: Global Trolls Were Active On Reddit During Brexit – 8th January 2018

New research exposes co-ordinated troll and bot activity on Reddit which shows disinformation efforts specifically targeted both Trump and Brexit votes, as well as other European elections.

86. US Senate Confirms Putin’s Alternative War – 10th January 2018

The US Senate’s Committee on Foreign Relations published an explosive report on January 10 2018, entitled: “PUTIN’S ASYMMETRIC ASSAULT ON DEMOCRACY IN RUSSIA AND EUROPE: IMPLICATIONS FOR U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY.” The extensive document confirms Russian involvement in the US, EU, and the UK’s Brexit

87. Ireland An Obvious Target For Russian Operations – 15th January 2018

As Sweden declares its election is already being hacked and launches a new public agency to counter Russian interference, we have been monitoring intelligence and identified Ireland is a clear target with operations already underway. Sadly, it isn’t even on the radar of beleagured security services.

88. Translation As A Hybrid Weapon: A View From Ukraine – 24th January 2018

A ban on a Russian translation of British historian Anthony Beevor’s book “Stalingrad” was announced on the 10 January by a Ukrainian government body. However, the Russian book which has been subject to the ban was published in Moscow and is “significantly different” to the original text.

89. We All Fall Down: Dispatches From The Front Line Of A Hybrid War – 29th January 2018

A new type of virus has swept across the West. Malware for the human mind powered by the social engineering equivalent of money laundering. A plague is upon us and the symptoms are clearer than ever but, without a cure in sight and to our continued detriment, a nursery rhyme mentality prevails


90. Assange: Latest Appeal Failed, Remains Wanted – 7th February 2018

London Court rules that Assange is to remain wanted for Bail offences in the UK, liable to arrest, and his case was not persuasive.

91. UK Fake News Inquiry Joins Forces With US Russia Probe – 9th February 2018

The UK’s Fake News Inquiry, chaired by MP Damian Collins, has travelled to Washington to interview Social Media giants about Russian influence on Brexit. Britain is at the start of what will be a painful process but Collins has teamed up with Senator Mark Warner to fight the attacks on democracy.

92. Russia More Influential Than Leave Campaigns During Brexit – 12th February 2018

New analysis by 89up.org confirms the scale of Russian media influence during Brexit vote dwarfed the main Vote Leave and Leave.EU campaigns, driving anti-EU propaganda, disinformation and fake news to influence voters. The Kremlin campaign peaked on the 23rd of June 2016 as British cast ballots.

93. Kremlin Social Network Backing Jacob Rees-Mogg – 13th February 2018

Analysis of social media traffic between January and February 2018 shows support for Jacob Rees-Mogg is coming from known Kremlin networks.

94. Court Rules Julian Assange Considers Himself “Above The Normal Rules Of Law – 13th February 2018

A London court has delivered a second damning judgment against wanted man Julian Assange, ruling: “he is a man who wants to impose his terms on the course of justice

95. Inside The Wikileaks Leak – 14th February 2018

There is nothing public spirited to be found. The organisation deliberately targets journalists and public officials.

96. Off Down T’ Bitmine – 16th February 2018

Having become increasingly annoyed with my computer slowing down, I searched for some answers and fell down a rabbit hole. I landed in the dark world of cryptojacking…

97. Cambridge Analytica CEO Gives Evidence To Fake News Inquiry – 28th February 2018

Nix gave vital insight into a company which operates globally, subject to only limited scrutiny, which targets voters at a personal-emotional level to drive the behaviour of electorates and change political landscapes for profit.

98. “We didn’t really appreciate the machinations” – Andy Wigmore: The Brexit Interview – 2nd March 2018

Bad Boy of Brexit and former Belizean diplomat Andy Wigmore gives an exclusively frank and open account of the truth around Leave.EU, discussing Cambridge Analytica, Brexit, Big Data, Trump, Russia, and beyond.

99. Bear Trapping: As Troll Farms Evolve, So Must We – 8th March 2018

A disturbing insight into weaponised disease. With a Disinfopocalypse showing no signs of slowing down, blunt new techniques are yielding results in live field tests.

100. Defriending Putin: How Britain Must Defend Against Russia – 13th March 2018

Theresa May declares Russia the “highly likely” culprit in a nerve agent attack on British soil and demands an explanation from Russian President Vladimir Putin, a measured response is required from the UK.

101. Russia 101: How To Lose A War – 15th March 2018

In the 101st article since my Russian odyssey began in Sweden during

early 2017, the time has come to confront the truth: Britain lost the

war against Putin’s criminal state and there’s no road back.

*This is an extensive body of public interest work and, where practicable, source references are made within the text. An additional source index is being produced for the whole body of work and will be published in due course – alongside a third edition of the book, Alternative War due in 2018. This may take some time due to the size of the body of the work but will be completed as soon as practicable and the public interest remains a priority in the continued publication. Should you find a source reference which needs to be added, please contact us as it will help expedite the process.

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