Brexit Mess: The Just “Dessert” Of A Flawed System

An end of year review of the Leave affiliated group figures published by the Electoral Commission gives rise to a new understanding of co-operation between Anti-EU campaigns and exposes a critical flaw in the Working Together rules which applied during the Brexit Referendum – a sticky Brexit pudding

Brexit Means Hate

One Twitter user has collated a horrifying catalogue of messages allegedly written by British supporters of the Leave campaign. From the use of the word N****R, to encouraging murders of MPs, to calling for Remain voters to be shot, Brexit reveals its true meaning: hate.

2017 Without A Safety Net: A Year Ahead Of The Game

With 2017 drawing to a close and the world catching up, it’s time to reveal the behind the scenes action which has accompanied a year of extensive crowdfunded investigations for Byline Media. Only you can decide whether this continues in 2018…