We All Fall Down: Dispatches From The Front Line Of A Hybrid War

A new type of virus has swept across the West. Malware for the human mind powered by the social engineering equivalent of money laundering. A plague is upon us and the symptoms are clearer than ever but, without a cure in sight and to our continued detriment, a nursery rhyme mentality prevails…

Translation As A Hybrid Weapon: A View From Ukraine

A ban on a Russian translation of British historian Anthony Beevor’s book “Stalingrad” was announced on the 10 January by a Ukrainian government body. However, the Russian book which has been subject to the ban was published in Moscow and is “significantly different” to the original text…

#AltWar: The Story So Far…

By Toby Venables

When starting to conceptualise fact as truth-based fiction, one faces certain challenges and decisions. We needed a story to serve as a vehicle – and to make it entartaining as hell – but when dealing with truths as important as these, it’s crucial not to obscure or distort them.

#AltWar Feature Film – What Are You Funding?

What I wanted to do today, is write a little about the creative process Toby and I will be going through – from a practical point of view – and explain how the £10,000 script development fund will be used if we succeed…

Ireland An Obvious Target For Russian Operations

As Sweden declares its election is already being hacked and launches a new public agency to counter Russian interference, we have been monitoring intelligence and identified Ireland is a clear target with operations already underway. Sadly, it isn’t even on the radar of beleagured security services.

Leveson: Theresa May gets her facts wrong

The Prime Minister says press reforms backed by the Lords threaten local papers. But locals already have a special opt-out– thanks to measures she helped sponsor

US Senate Confirms Putin’s Alternative War

The US Senate’s Committee on Foreign Relations published an explosive report on January 10 2018, entitled: “PUTIN’S ASYMMETRIC ASSAULT ON DEMOCRACY IN RUSSIA AND

EUROPE: IMPLICATIONS FOR U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY.” The extensive document confirms Russian involvement in the US, EU, and the UK’s Brexit

Assange: Fake News Embodied

Suspected rapist Julian Assange, a deliberately deceitful, disingenuous individual on the run under diplomatic protection in Ecuador’s London embassy, breaks from Russian hacking operations and Kremlin-led disinformation campaigning to attack journalists while defending Russia’s White House asset.

Time to bin Keep Britain Tidy

England has had the worst problem of litter among developed nations for over a decade – time to ditch the rump of a charity leading the campaign and go for policies that will force big companies who cause the problem to pay to solve it.

Reality Check: Russia Is At War With The UK

After a year screaming into the wind, the end of 2017 saw the true state of Russia’s threat to the United Kingdom acknowledged for the first time by the security services. And nobody batted an eyelid. Entering the new year, the world has passed the tipping point and the dead kitten bounce awaits.