Fascism Has Won, Get Over It

Opinion: As long as the true state of the world continues to be downplayed and given dismissive commentary from the same stale media which failed to predict Brexit, Trump, and Russia, the more quietly the arrival of the eventual door knocks will come. Privilege has already sealed our collective fate

The Death Of Truth

Months ago I set about to answer six questions on truth. A sextet of simple demands which go to the heart of what is wrong with our world. So I turned to two people whose words carry more weight than my own: journalist Tim Walker and the multi-faceted John Cleese.

Dark Trades – How Brexit And Trump Shorted Crypto

The whole mess of Russian hacking, Cambridge Analytica, the Trump and Leave Campaigns was not only a coup but an unprecedented shorting of the market through

mass manipulation of the electorate with the aim of controlling not only geopolitics but the financial markets too.

Getting Ready Together

By getting ready together, we can all contribute to the survival of what remains of decency. This leaflet is being made electronically available to all residents of what is currently known as the United Kingdom, free of charge.

Comment: The Perfect Shambles

Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore of Leave.EU appeared before the UK’s Fake News Inquiry chaired by Damian Collins, unleashing a masterclass in walking away without a scratch and showing how trial by committee fails us all.

The man behind the Babchenko murder plot?

Initial media reports in the UK have given a partial or inaccurate account of the man allegedly running one of Putin’s slush funds for subversion in Ukraine. Here is what we know to date about him and his links to Russia.

The Downing Street state pension robbery

An investigation reveals successive governments have raided and underfunded the National Insurance Fund and the 50s generation of women pensioners are paying for it