Month: June 2019

The colour of Russian Money part 20: The Fourth Estate part 4; Through the Looking Glass: how western journalists stepped into Russia’s alternative reality in the Donbas

Stephen Komarnyckyj

A cache of hacked e mails published by the Distributed Denial of Secrets Initiative has revealed how Russian intelligence proxies have shaped western coverage of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine- this piece anonymises the documents and focuses on the processes by which Russia manipulates coverage

March For Change Launches Campaign

James Patrick

On Saturday July 20, as a new Prime Minister prepares to take office, grassroots organisations will gather in central London for one of the biggest pro-European rallies that the UK has seen.


James Patrick

Grassroots activists are at the heart of a new march taking place in London on July 20th 2019. The independent campaign is being led by key figures behind the peaceful protest which saw a reported million people take to the streets of the capital earlier this year.