Month: June 2016

Stop these nasty attacks on people living here now

David Hencke

The rise of racist attacks on people from European Union and ethnic minorities must stop now. They have been legitimised by the Brexit campaigners like Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove giving a gloss of respectability to louts.

Is social media fuelling hatred and contempt in Britain?

David Hencke

Is the murder of Jo Cox’ causing us to pause and ask whether social media is fuelling hatred and contempt? Are people turning political debate into nasty insults? Are women and child sex abuse survivors the growing target of trolls in an increasingly nasty society? It’s time to stop this.

Are expensive libel cases on the way out?

David Hencke

New figures released two days ago reveal an enormous drop in new libel claims last year – are we seeing the end of expensive libel cases and the beginning of people using the ” right to be forgotten ” on Google to silence critics