Cambridge Analytica CEO Gives Evidence To Fake News Inquiry

Covering topics from Brexit, Leave.EU, to Trump and Wikileaks, Nix gave vital insight into a company which operates globally, subject to only limited scrutiny, which targets voters at a personal-emotional level to drive the behaviour of electorates and change political landscapes for profit.

Off Down T’ Bitmine

Having become increasingly annoyed with my computer slowing down, I searched for some answers. Though I didn’t realise what was happening, I fell down a rabbit hole and landed in the dark world of cryptojacking. As I found, it wasn’t so far from where I’ve spent the last year digging…

Inside The Wikileaks Leak

The Intercept has published a series of leaked private messages from inside Wikileaks, providing an insight into the world of Julian Assange, confirming there is nothing public spirited to be found. The organisation deliberately targets journalists and public officials.

Russia More Influential Than Leave Campaigns During Brexit

New analysis by confirms the scale of Russian media influence during Brexit vote dwarfed the main Vote Leave and Leave.EU campaigns, driving anti-EU propaganda, disinformation and fake news to influence voters. The Kremlin campaign peaked on the 23rd of June 2016 as British cast ballots.

May To Lead Britain To No Deal Nightmare

Government internal communications indicate Theresa May is due to capitulate to the hard-right and take Britain out of the EU with no deal, securing the worst case outcome shown in the government’s own impact assessments.

UK Fake News Inquiry Joins Forces With US Russia Probe

The UK’s Fake News Inquiry, chaired by MP Damian Collins, has travelled to Washington to interview Social Media giants about Russian influence on Brexit. Britain is at the start of what will be a painful process but Collins has teamed up with Senator Mark Warner to fight the attacks on democracy.

May Crime Figures Claim Fake News

During PMQ’s, Prime Minister Theresa May clashed with Jeremy Corbyn over cuts to policing. She claimed she had changed the way police crime was recorded as Home Secretary. The change was in fact the result of an inquiry sparked by a police officer: me.

Murdoch Admits to Targeting Daniel Morgan Murder Detective and Family

After six years of wrangling, NewsUK has admitted that News of the World hacked and surveilled the family of the detective leading the fourth murder inquiry into the involvement of their favourite private investigators, Southern Investigations, in the murder of Daniel Morgan