Exaro: What next?

Exaro may have closed this week but the two people who ran the site, David Hencke and Mark Conrad are now looking for a new future for the investigative team.

Labour’s UKIP fear factor: A ballot box illusion

Labour MPs want to ditch Jeremy Corbyn because they fear a meltdown at the next general election with UKIP taking swathes of their seats. But the first clutch of council elections suggest it is UKIP in meltdown and Labour is doing rather well.

The Lesson We Refuse to Learn

Power without principle is destructive, but principle without power is impotent. The point is to find a way of combining the two.

Help for Heroes

Glasgow clothing company using charity logo ‘without permission.’

Chilcot and The Blair Rich Project

As Blair faces judgement over the Iraq War from Sir John Chilcot on Wednesday, a TV programme will look back at all the wealth he has amassed since leaving office in 2007.

I am interviewed as it is derived from our book, Blair Inc, which I co-authored with Francis Beckett and Nick Kochan.

Project Corbyn Has Run Out of Runway

In the space of a few weeks, Corbyn supporters have bullied my softening “yes” into a very hard “no”. Corbyn is in danger of turning into a Farage of the left.