Cambridge Analytica: Same Big Data, New Russia Ties

Controversial big data firm Cambridge Analytica, who target populations worldwide for political and military organisations, face requests for more information and communications as part of US Senate Inquiries into Russian support of Trump’s campaign. New names identified provide yet more Russia ties

Logical Efficiency Measures: Are We Ready For Robots?

As huge leaps forwards are taken in robotics and artificial intelligence fields, the world’s most powerful nations are facing up to the fact our biggest technology companies have allowed hackers and intelligence services to attack democracies. Should we entrust them with the rise of the machines?

A Final Battle?

As cadets sing of a final battle for Uncle Vladimir, Putin calls on industry to prepare for war. Are we approaching a final episode in the world conflict still being broadly denied across the globe?

Hybrid Threats, Russia, And An Attack On The West

I didn’t know any of this in 2016. Like everyone else, I thought the world had simply fallen victim to a deceitful bus and some idiotic, gun-toting rednecks. I was wrong, I’m not ashamed to admit. We all were.

Brexit: The Russian Job

What is the true extent of Russia’s interference in Brexit through social media and did it have any impact?

Byline has been at the forefront of the Brexit/Russia investigation and, as the world catches up, we can exclusively reveal Brexit as you’ve never seen it before.

We need to talk about identifying trolls….

There is no silver bullet for the identification of troll accounts on social media. In fact, the process of identifying them and making a decision about what they are is a hugely complex matter. This is a problem, because we aren’t just dealing with automated bots, as this case study explains…

We need to talk about Patriots….

Following the threads of investigation which led from using pens in the brexit referendum to the St Petersburg troll farm of Russia’s Internet Research Agency, the picture of disinformation being used in social media – affecting both the UK and US – exposes the abuse of patriotism as a weapon.

Brexit, Trump, Russia: The Whole Story

Over the course of 2017 the Russian hybrid offensive on the West, which specifically targeted the Brexit referendum and the election of President Trump, has been extensively investigated and confirmed. From Sweden to the online world of Social Media this is the whole story and a growing archive

We need to talk about Social Media….

Starting with one single Olgino Troll account, identified by Twitter in the US Senate Russia Inquiry, a detailed analysis and dip samples confirm the Brexit social network is also infested with managed and automated accounts.

We need to talk about Russian money….

One denial from Russian television network RT leaves us with even more questions over Russia’s state influence on UK politics and a trail of Kremlin money. So far, eight public officials are known to have received £9,000 in Russian state funds and Farage is earning a mystery £60,000.

We Need To Talk About Nigel…

Flamboyant politician, media spokesperson, bad boy of Brexit. Kremlin asset. People are waiting for suitcases full of cash but the truth is what the truth is: something which has been staring us in the face for years.

Before Paradise: The Tangled Web of Brexit, Trump, and Russia

Almost six months ago the tangled web of Russian ties to the White House, the Leave.EU campaign, and the key figures was already being unravelled. With renewed focus on hidden finances through the Paradise Papers, it’s worth reminding the world of one harsh lesson: leaks are not the only answer.

Hillsborough Families:Patronised to death by the disdain of the powerful

A highly critical and moving report by the Rt Rev James Jones, former Bishop of Liverpool,calls for cultural change in Britain to deal with tragedies like Hillsborough and Grenfell Tower and is highly critical of the patronising disposition of a powerful elite to families’ pain and suffering.