US Grand Jury Indicts Iranians For Global University Hacks

In a huge boost to the FBI, with its reputation under attack by the GOP and Trump White House over the Russia investigation, Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein announces the indictments of nine Iranian hackers involved in global scientific research theft linked to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard .

Russia 101: How To Lose A War

In the 101st article since my Russian odyssey began in Sweden during early 2017, the time has come to confront the truth: Britain lost the war against Putin’s criminal state and there’s no road back.

Defriending Putin: How Britain Must Defend Against Russia

As Theresa May declares Russia the “highly likely” culprit in a nerve agent attack on British soil and demands an explanation from Russian President Vladimir Putin, a measured response is required from the UK. But what can be done without risking all out war?

Leveson 2: the Guardian has no case

After endorsing the cancellation of an inquiry into its own corrupt and untrusted industry, the paper offers only obfuscations and distractions