Month: April 2018

IPSO’s latest season of calamities

Brian Cathcart

Damned in an official report, exposed as useless by a select committee, incapable of tackling flagrant press dishonesty, caught cherry-picking complaints – the sham press regulator is blundering between disasters

The Tuesday Letter: Inside SCL

James Patrick

Correspondence from Cambridge Analytica’s suspended director, Alexander Nix, sets out in excruciating detail the worldwide locations where the parent company, Strategic Communication Laboratories, was active up until 2010. Bringing British-based psyops for hire straight to 10 Downing Street’s door.

Russian Hybrid Offensives: November Statement to Parliament

James Patrick

Below is the unedited text of a statement sent to to the UK Parliament’s Fake News Inquiry on November 21 2017. The intention at the time of its submission was to provide Parliament and MPs the time to deal with inevitable future disinformation campaigns led by the Kremlin.