Month: October 2017

The Manafort Indictment

James Patrick

Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort and his junior partner Rick Gates have been indicted. These are the first charges in the ongoing Mueller inquiry into Russian collusion.

Exposed By Bots: How Trump And Brexit Work As One

James Patrick

The use of bots remains broadly misunderstood but the data points to undeniable tandem pushes of disinformation on both sides of the Atlantic. Both the MAGA and Brexit bots are operating as one in a new kind of laundry, where social engineering and not money is being cleaned in plain sight.

Time for MPs to take back control of Parliament

David Hencke

MPs should give John Bercow, the Speaker, the full support for an important Parliamentary reform to give them a much greater say over government legislation particularly as Theresa May does not have a majority and Brexit must be properly examined.