Day 1

Craig Whyte arrives at court this morning

Help for Heroes

Glasgow clothing company using charity logo ‘without permission.’

An Act of Disorder

How camera phone video saved three anti-Assad protesters from a “serious miscarriage of justice.”

Andy Coulson Facing £750k Bill for Legal Costs

Prosecutors demands £3/4 Million from the former Downing Street director of communications to compensate taxpayers for prosecution costs. Judge says settlement must have “public approval.”

Day 3 of the #CoulsonTrial

Day 2 of the perjury trial of Andy Coulson. Follow @jamesdoleman or #CoulsonTrial to follow the tweets live.

Day 3 Afternoon

Former Royal editor admits hacking phones of William and Kate

Day 3 Morning

Former Royal reporter claims he told defendant he was hacking phones in 2005